Our Publications

Paper Title Author Publishing Year Publisher Journal Publication Type
Imperialism Unmasked in George Orwell’s “Shooting an Elephant” Md. Nuruzzaman Moral 2016 ISSN City University Journal Journal
Joseph Conrad’s Attitude to Colonial Theme in “Heart of Darkness” Md. Nuruzzaman Moral 2014 ISSN World Vision Research Journal Journal
Determination of Antifungal and Antibacterial Activities of Sperata Aor Nazmul Islam 2015 ICMBPS 7th International Conference on Medical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference
Preparation and Characterization of Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) by Graft Polymerization of Carboxymethyl Cellulose Nazmul Islam 2016 ISSN International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy Journal
Study On Buffering Capacity And Organic Matter Of Some Soil Samples From Rungicherra Tea-Estate, Bangladesh Nazmul Islam 2015 ISSN International Letters of Natural Sciences Journal
Preparation of Chitosan-Silver Nanoparticles in Nonaqueous Medium under Heating Nazmul Islam 2015 DOI Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Journal
A Priority Based Dynamic Resource Mapping Algorithm For Load Balancing In Cloud Farzana Sadia 2017 ICAEE Proceedings of the 2017 4th International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering Journal
An Investigation on Exhaustion of SAP ERP Users: Influence of Pace of Change and Technostress Farzana Sadia 2017 AETIC Annals of Emerging Technologies in Computing (AETiC) Journal
An Efficient Approach of Training Artificial Neural Network to Recognize Bengali Hand Sign Fatema Tuj johora 2016 DOI IEEE 6th International Conference on Advanced Computing Journal
Method Analysis for The Measurement of Electromagnetic Fields from LTE Base Stations Fahad Faisal 2017 ISSN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY Journal